Remote connectivity

What Is It?

Remote connectivity is the ability to access the SBU Network from a geographical distance through a network connection. Remote access enables users to connect to the systems they need when they are physically far away. 

Stony Brook's virtual private network (VPN) allows access to certain Stony Brook applications, resources, and services from off-campus.  

A RD Gateway allows you to establish a RDP connection to a Windows system, but tunneled through a HTTPS connection.  It eliminates the need to allow RDP connections directly to a Windows system, which is considered a security risk.

To connect to a remote desktop session on a Windows system, you must configure your Remote Desktop Connection client to use a RD Gateway.  You log onto the RD Gateway using your NetID.  The RD Gateway can be accessed from any Internet connected client. 

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty, Staff and Students. Our VPN requires a Stony Brook email address and 2-Step login prior to downloading and installing the VPN.  

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